Welcome to the Pink Ladies Motorcycle Group


Why is The Pink Ladies for Breast Cancer Awareness a Motorcycle Group and not a Motorcycle Club or Riding Club? 

We are a group and not a club because we do not have set monthly meetings, we do not have a riding schedule and we do not have organized officers. We meet and come when called by our Lead Lady.

Our Lead Lady is Founder Deborah Whitley.  The rest of us are just her Ladies in Waiting.  Waiting to come when called to plan and organize our annual fund raising event for our sole purpose and cause, to raise money to assist with breast cancer research, education, advocacy, health services and social support programs.

Our membership is a diversified group of ladies from all walks of life.  Ladies with full schedules and busy lives who still want to stop once a year and make a difference. Many of our Ladies in Waiting are members of other clubs, some ladies ride their own motorcycles, some prefer to be passengers and some do not ride at all.  However, we all bond with our pink ribbons, voices, time and energy once a year to become the PL4BCA-MG.  Come join us!